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Moravian Cameras natively supported in PHD2
 Well known auto-guiding software PHD2 now supports all types of Moravian auto-guiders natively. While a support through the standard ASCOM driver was always possible, using ASCOM brings quite significant overhead. So, using native camera drivers is always faster, consumes less memory and also user's software can use all features of particular camera, while these features may be hidden by universal ASCOM layer.

Moravian Camera support is included in PHD2 v2.6.9dev2 (see

Linux version of the PHD2 still uses Moravian Camera INDI driver. Luckily, the INDI driver overhead is much smaller compared to ASCOM. As Moravian Cameras are fully supported in Linux not only through INDI drivers, but also using native libraries, native support for Linux version of PHD2 can be added in the future.