Gx cameras Mark II accessories - Adapters Mark II
The stated camera prices are only informative and may change. This is caused by termination of CCD sensors manufacturing.
CodeProductList price
  (excl. VAT)
AD-S-M48-55Adapter M48x0.75 thread Mk.II, long
Preserves 55mm back focal distance
 65 EUR
AD-S-M48Adapter M48x0.75 thread Mk.II, short 65 EUR
AD-S-TT-55Adapter T-thread (M42x0.75) Mk.II, long
Preserves 55mm back focal distance
 65 EUR
AD-S-TTAdapter T-thread (M42x0.75) Mk.II, short 65 EUR
AD-S-2INAdapter 2 inch Mk.II 65 EUR
AD-S-EOSCanon EOS lens adapter Mk.II 125 EUR
AD-S-NIKONNikon lens adapter 217 EUR
AD-L-M68Adapter M68x1 thread (inner) Mk.II 65 EUR
AD-L-EOSCanon EOS lens adapter Mk.II 125 EUR
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