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CCD cameras Mark I - Adapters for G4
The stated camera prices are only informative and may change. This is caused by termination of CCD sensors manufacturing.
CodeProductList priceManufacturer
  (excl. VAT) 
TA4-M68Telescope adapter M68x1 thread (inner) 52 EURMoravian Instruments
TA4-M68NUTTelescope adapter M68x1 thread (outer) + nut 61 EURMoravian Instruments
TA4-EOSCanon EOS lens adapter 107 EURMoravian Instruments
For camera:  
TA4-WY-EASA 3" Wynne corrector adapter for G4 camera + EFW 118 EURMoravian Instruments
TA4-ACWASA 3" Wynne corrector adapter for OAG-4 61 EURMoravian Instruments
For using instead of the M68x1 thread
TA4-PRParacorr BIG coma-corektor adapter with outer M68x1 thread 83 EURMoravian Instruments
For using with M68x1 inner thread adapter 
For camera:  
*) Estimated availability varies depending on product options. Estimated availability does not include time of shipping and it is not obligatory.