CMOS cameras accessories - Adapters for C1×cameras
CodeProductList price
  (excl. VAT)
AD-1X-M48 2INAdapter M48 thread 2 inch
Additional telescope/lens adapter (compatible with C1× cameras)
 64 EUR
AD-1X-EOSCanon EOS lens adapter
Additional Canon EOS lens adapter (compatible with C1× cameras)
 122 EUR
AD-1X-NIKONNikon lens adapter
Additional Nikon lens adapter (compatible with C1× cameras)
 212 EUR
AD-1X-M56EFWAdapter with M56x1 thread for mounting an external filter wheel
C1X adapter M56x1 BF 16.5 mm with four M3 threaded holes (Note: assembly without spring and pushing screws!)
 46 EUR
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