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SH2 308 nebula
 SH2 308 nebula (also known as Sharpless 308 or LBN 1052) in the constellation Canis Major is an example of “space bubble”, created by intense radiation of bright, hot Wolf-Rayet central star (another such object is for instance NGC7635 “Bubble nebula” in the constellation Cassiopeia).

The image of SH2 308 shown below belongs among the very best images of this object (or rather it is the very best image of this object). It was acquired by the CielAustral group of astro-photographers (Jean Claude Canonne, Nicolas Outters, Philippe Bernhard, Didier Chaplain and Laurent Bourgon) with G4-16000 camera on the TEC160 refractor.

Image was combined from relatively short exposure-time exposures through red, green and blue filters and very long (over 40 hours of accumulated exposure time) exposures through Hα and OIII narrow-band filters. Total exposure time was 89 hours.