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Images and interesting observations taken with Gx series of astronomical cameras

Here we present only a few examples of images and scientific observations taken with Gx cameras. More complete lists of images acquired with respective camera series are attached to the end of each page describing particular series. These lists contain also authors, used telescopes, exposure details etc.

There is also a slide-show of the best images of deep-sky wonders taken with Gx cameras available in the Gallery section.

NGC5128 “Centaurus A” galaxy
Sun in the Hα spectral line
M51 “Whirlpool Galaxy” (C2-9000 first light)
M20 “Trifid” nebula
 Famous M20 “Trifid” nebula images by CielAustral group show this iconic object in real colors, captured through red, green and blue filters, as well as in somewhat unusual combination of real-color data with images acquired through narrow-band filters.
Messier 16 “Eagle nebula”
M51 “Whirlpool” galaxy
Messier 27 “Dumbbell” planetary nebula
Moravian Instruments astronomical cameras in science
NGC4038 “Antennae” interacting galaxies
NGC253, NGC1365 and NGC1532 galaxies
SH2-171 nebula
NGC6992 “Veil Nebula”
M104 “Sombrero”
Rosette and M42 — tribute to the old king of amateur CCD cameras
NGC2020 and NGC2021
NGC6188 nebula
 We already published an image of NGC6188 nebula complex on our title page, taken by a famous group of astro-photographers named CielAustral. But this was only a partial image of this large cloud of interstellar matter. Now the same group presents almost 48 megapixels image mosaic, covering much wider portion of the sky and allowing us to admire incredible details in the gaseous structures.
Galaxies NGC4725 and NGC4747
Comet C/2020 F8 (SWAN)
M82 “Cigar” Galaxy
NGC2264 “Christmas Tree” cluster and “Cone Nebula”
CTB 1 Supernova Remnant
M78 nebula in Orion
NGC1365 galaxy in Fornax
Cygnus nebulae
Taurus Cloud
“Rosette” nebula
Corona Australis
Orion belt with “Flame” and “Horse Head”
“Leo Triplet”
“Horse Head” and “Great Orion Nebula” in narrow-band

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