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Images and interesting observations taken with Gx series of astronomical cameras

Here we present only a few examples of images and scientific observations taken with Gx cameras. More complete lists of images acquired with respective camera series are attached to the end of each page describing particular series. These lists contain also authors, used telescopes, exposure details etc.

There is also a slide-show of the best images of deep-sky wonders taken with Gx cameras available in the Gallery section.

73/P Schwassmann-Wachmann
 Comet 73/P passed exceptionally close to Earth on May 2006. It was not very bright so imaging it while speeding across the sky was a challenging task. On the other side computer processing of acquired images can create interesting views. (more...)
2003UB313—the 10th planet or only the biggest known KBO?
 At 97 AU from the Sun and about 3000 km diameter, the Kuiper-belt object 2003UB313 gleamed only at 18.9m on January, 2006. Although slightly bigger than Pluto, this object appears about 100× dimmer. Still amateur astronomers can capture it with backyard telescope and CCD camera. (more...)
How Deep Can You Go?
 High-quality CCD camera promises converting of majority of incoming light into information. Another important feature is keeping system-induced noise as low as possible to maintain good signal to noise ratio. Regulated chip cooling and system read noise limited only by the CCD chip itself is a must for scientific-grade instruments. So what is the limiting magnitude for typical backyard telescope? (more...)
G2CCD-0400 Deep Sky Images
 First shots with the production G2CCD-0400 camera show its capability to capture beautiful images of deep sky objects. (more...)
G2 CCD Camera Prototype First Light
 The first prototype of G2 CCD camera acquired first light on June 2005. Although the camera mechanics and electronics were somewhat changed from that time, the overall shape is almost finished. (more...)

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