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Messier 16 “Eagle nebula”
 If there is a contest for the most aesthetically pleasing image of a deep sky object, this image of M16 “Eagle nebula” by Wolfgang Prompter would be among the finalists, at last according to our opinion (esthetics is subjective). The chosen false-color palette and framing of the faint structures in the nebula create beautiful artwork.

But the sharp and detailed image (Wolfgang threw away all images showing seeing worse than 1.1arc-sec) also demonstrates numerous astrophysical phenomena, as it peeks into a star-birth region. The scene shows dramatic clash of the gravity, trying to create new stars from globules of interstellar gas, and the strong stellar winds originating from already born young massive and bright stars, tearing the clouds apart sooner than they become too dense and gravity wins and creates new stars and possibly planets circling around them.

Image was taken with C3-61000 PRO camera on 60 cm (24) ASA600 RC telescope with f/4.5 focal reducer.

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