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M31 Great Andromeda Galaxy
 Southern skies are probably richer than our northern ones. Northern hemisphere astronomers cannot see Magellan Clouds, Omega Centauri and other famous objects. But at last we at northern hemisphere can see the Great Andromeda galaxy. M31 galaxy in Andromeda is our own Milky Way galaxy sibling and both galaxies comprise a dominant, most massive pair of the local galaxy group. But the M31 holds another record it is the most distant object, which light can be spotted by naked eye.

Being such bright and big makes the M31 a very popular target for astrophotographers. It is quite easy to capture at last its bright central parts. On the other side, large angular size and high surface brightness allows capturing of tremendous details when the image is done with the same care like images of much dimmer objects.

The portrait of M31 above was acquired by Martin Myslivec with his G3-16200 camera on 30 cm corrected Newtonian telescope. The image is in fact a mosaic of two fields (we already mentioned M31 is big). Total exposure time of each field was 27.5 hours, so Martin needed 55 hours of exposures to obtain this big and very detailed M31 portrait.