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Omega Centauri
 It is always a pleasure to present an “easy” object, but “done like a tough one”, because results are usually stunning. Omega Centauri is the biggest and brightest globular cluster of both hemispheres (but visible from the southern hemisphere only, we northern-hemisphere astronomers, must be content with M13 in Hercules, which is beautiful, too).

Cielaustral group of astronomers (Laurent Bourgon, Jean-Claude Canonne, Nicolas Outters, Philippe Bernhard and Didier Chaplain) spent 31 hours acquiring 4-panel mosaic using G4-16000 CCD camera on 50 cm f/6.8 MDK telescope with focal length 3.4 m.

We strongly recommend to click the image to see it in full resolution to get a sense what does it mean “overwhelming number of stars”.