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NGC1365 galaxy in Fornax
 Today we present another masterpiece from the CielBoreal/CielAustral group of astro-photographers (Laurent Bourgon, Jean-Claude Canonne, Nicolas Outters, Philippe Bernhard and Didier Chaplain) the NGC1365 barred spiral galaxy in the constellation Fornax.

Image was captured with G4-16000 camera on the 20 CDK modified Dall-Kirkham telescope working at f/6.8. Image is combined from color exposures taken through RGB filters and unfiltered luminance exposures. Total exposure time is 29 hours.

This image may look similar to other images of the respective galaxy. But we strongly recommend to see the image in full resolution (just click the image show above). Only then it reveals how incredible details can be seen in the galaxy structure, its dark dust lanes, red Hα gaseous clouds and bright blue regions of newly born stars. Congratulations CielAustral group to another breathtaking image!