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M78 nebula in Orion
 If we rank nebulae in the constellation Orion according how bright or known they are, M78 nebula in probably only on the third position, after famous “Great” nebula M42 and “Horse Head” with “Flame” nebulae duo. Being smaller and dimmer than their counterparts, imaging of M78 requires more effort to get good image, but the result may be more rewarding. At last, there are far less images of M78 all around the Internet.

The image of M78 shown here was captured by Paolo De Salvatore (Zenit Observatory) with his G3-16200 camera on Officina Stellare RiLa 300 telescope. Unfiltered images, used for luminance channel, were combined with images taken through red, green and blue filters. Total exposure time is 19 hours.