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M104 “Sombrero”
 How far can amateurs go in the pursuit to perfect their images of deep-sky objects? Consider the image of the M104 galaxy, nicknamed “Sombrero”, below. The iconic image of M104, captured by the HST, surpasses it in resolution and details, but this is expected from multi-billion dollar orbiting observatory with 2.4 meters mirror. Otherwise, this image is very close to the best images from ground-based telescopes ever captured.

We admit the word “amateur”, used above, is on the edge, too. The CielAustral group used a telescope with 1-meter primary mirror, located in Chile, and more than 16 hours of total exposure time to capture this image.

What is particularly important, the telescope was equipped with a new C4-16000 scientific CMOS camera. In fact, this image is a “first light” image for this camera and we are really excited with it.