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NGC253, NGC1365 and NGC1532 galaxies
 We present breathtaking images of three galaxies, captured by Wolfgang Promper with his new C3-61000 PRO camera on ASA telescope. World class instruments, located in Namibia — a place with very low light pollution and dark sky, combined with Wolfgang’s experience, explain the exceptional quality of these images.

Wolfgang used the 60 cm (24”) ASA600 RC telescope with f/4.5 focal reducer. The C3 camera is equipped with External filter wheel and Chroma filters. Telescope sits on the ASA DDM200 mount.

NGC253 (left), NGC1356 (center) and NGC1532 (right)

All exposures are combined from monochrome (luminance) and color (red, green, blue) images. The used exposure time is relatively short — total exposure time of NGC253 is 4 hours, NGC1356 was exposed for 4.5 hours and NGC1532 for 4.7 hours.