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M20 “Trifid” nebula
 Famous M20 “Trifid” nebula images by CielAustral group show this iconic object in real colors, captured through red, green and blue filters, as well as in somewhat unusual combination of real-color data with images acquired through narrow-band filters.

The M20 nebula in the constellation Sagittarius captured in red, green and blue filters and composed into real-color image. Total exposure time is 10 hours.

What's more, the CielAustral group (J. C. Canonne, N. Outters, P. Bernhard, D. Chaplain, L. Bourgon), as usual, acquired also narrow-band images in Hα, OIII and SII spectral lines in addition to natural-color data. Total exposure time through narrow-band filters exceeded 70 hours. The image below shows the M20 in somewhat unusual combination of real color data with narrow-band images.

The images were captured with C4-16000 CMOS camera on the PlaneWave CDK610 telescope.