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NGC5128 “Centaurus A” galaxy
 When a technician temporarily swapped a camera on the 1.5 m ASA telescope, located at Mt. Paranal in Chile, for the C5A-150M, Wolfgang Promper took the chance to capture the famous Centaurus A galaxy. Ten 120 s long exposures through photometric Sloan g’, r’ and i’ filters were then combined into this stunning image (g’ filter was used as blue, r’ as green, and i’ as red color channels).

Images acquired through 1.5 m telescope, located at Mt. Paranal — one of the very best locations for astronomical observations, showed seeing only around 0.35”. Such exceptional seeing led to incredibly sharp image, revealing the dark lanes around the galaxy in fantastic details.

Despite the short exposure and no image calibration (dark or flat frames) was performed, but still this Centaurus A portrait is probably the one of the very best ever captured.