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G2-8300 first light on MHV spring 2010
 The first production piece of G2-8300 camera, equipped with photographic LRGB filters, was tested by a well-known astrophotographer Martin Myslivec on “Limiting Star Magnitude spring 2010” star party. The camera was used on his 185 mm, f/3,8 astrograph. Resulting image of M106 galaxy won the Czech Astrophotography of the Month award for April 2010.

G2-8300 camera is equipped with 8.3 MPx Kodak CCD detector. Although this particular detector has so-called Full-Frame architecture (do not mistake full-frame architecture for full-frame detector format, which means 24 × 36 mm CCD size), so it does not offer electronic shutter, it is equipped with Anti-Blooming Gate, which prevents blooming—charge leaking from saturated pixels into neighboring pixels. It is primarily intended for astrophotography applications. Detector size 18.1 × 13.7 mm (4/3 standard) is relatively large and small pixels 5.4 μm square are suitable for short focal length telescopes, for instance fast APO refractors or mirror astrographs like the one of Martin Myslivec.

Image of M106 galaxy (left) and G2-8300 camera on 185 mm, f/3.8 astrograph (right)

The astrophotographer's know-how and experience is a key for acquiring of such quality image, G2-8300 camera helps with very low read noise (commercial cameras often offer read noise among 5 to 7 e- RMS, depending on the particular CCD detector), efficient regulated cooling up to 50 °C below ambient temperature, uniform frames without artifacts etc. Embedded mechanical shutter and filter wheel make observing easier and allow the astronomer to focus to imaging itself. Camera is connected to the host PC with single USB cable and can be powered by unregulated 12 V DC power supply (AD/DC wall adapter is included with the camera).

Martin Myslivec with his setup (left) and G2-8300 camera on telescope (right)

All images on this page by courtesy of Martin Myslivec.

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