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TheSkyX for macOS driver for Gx cameras
 The Gx camera driver for TheSkyX was limited to the Windows version of this popular planetarium and camera control software package. The newly introduced driver extends the support also to Macintosh computers running macOS version 10.7 and newer. The driver for TheSkyX running under macOS supports USB camera as well as cameras connected through the Gx Camera Ethernet Adapter.

All modern Windows operating systems use the kernel based on the original Windows NT architecture, developed from the scratch by Microsoft as a follow-up to very limited 16-bit DOS-based consumer Windows versions. But modern macOS systems are based on the BSD open source UNIX operating system clone. As opposed to Linux, which is bound by GNU license, BSD imposes no limitations on the usage of its code, any subject may do anything with the code without any restrictions.

It is not possible to use the existing USB camera kernel driver because of the different OS architectures. Fortunately the fact, that macOS is based on UNIX, allowed to reuse significant portions of the Gx camera Linux drivers and speed-up the development.

When the Gx camera is connected through the Gx Camera Ethernet Adapter, the situation is much simpler as no kernel driver is necessary. Application use the standard TCP/IP network stack, which is present in all operating systems now.

The Gx camera macOS driver for TheSkyX can be download from the download section of this web site. It is also newly included on the USB flash drive, supplied with every camera. The accompanying PDF file explains how to install the driver, configure it and use for acquiring images.

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