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CTB-1 supernova remnant
 We have another rare “cosmic bubble” to show, but this time it is a remnant of ancient supernova explosion. The nebula is designated CTB-1 and is located in the constellation Cassiopeia. We not only never seen this bubble before, we were even not aware of its existence until Martin Myslivec send us this image, despite the object appears as big as full Moon on the sky.

The reason is simple — CTB-1 is extremely dim. More than 28 hours of exposure time in Hα and 23 hours of exposure time in OIII narrow band filters were necessary to capture it. Every single exposure with G3-16200 camera on 30 cm corrected Newtonian telescope was 20 minutes long.

Narrow-band exposures reveal the gaseous bubble, but another 10 hours of exposures through regular red, green and blue filters were necessary to show stars within the field of view in proper colors. Resulting exposure time needed for this image exceeds 61 hours.

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