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Large Magellanic Cloud
 Continuous pushing of amateur astro-photography limits seems to be a new norm these days. This time the CielAustral group of astro-photographers, operating their observatory in Chile, broke the accumulated exposure time record with 1060 hours long exposure of Large Magellan Cloud. Image size 14400 by 14200 pixels is maybe a good candidate for image resolution record?

CielAustral group acquired narrow-band as well as RGB images and combined them to both false color image with breathtaking details in numerous nebulae belonging to our own Milky Way galaxy as well as our satellite LMC galaxy, and natural-color image. The second image shows colors similar to humanís eye perception, but with much less details and lower signal-to-noise ratio.

We strongly recommend to click both images to see them in full resolution. Countless nebulae of various shapes and colors are definitely worth it.

Image was combined from 16 individual fileds, each taken with G4-16000 camera on TEC160 refractor. Congratulations Laurent Bourgon, Jean-Claude Canonne, Nicolas Outters, Philippe Bernhard and Didier Chaplain to new record and especially to another wonderful image. And we are proud our cameras were used to acquire it.

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