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Sun in the Hα spectral line
 Martin Myslivec used his global-shutter C1-5000 based camera to acquire the Sun in the Hα line. See what the C1 camera can achieve on the Sun.

Cameras using global-shutter CMOS sensors are particularly suitable for imaging Sun, Moon, and planets. Compared to rolling-shutter CMOS sensor-based cameras, their FPS could be slightly lower, because the next exposure must wait for completion of previous image digitization, while the rolling-shutter sensor cameras can start the next exposure of already digitized image lines while still digitizing the rest of the image. The inherent disadvantage of rolling-shutter sensor-based camera is the fact, that each line of the image is exposed in different time, while cameras using global-shutter sensors expose the whole image in exactly the same time. For imaging of objects rapidly changing their shape, the global shutter is a must. And the shape of the observed object is somewhat changed also by seeing.

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