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New adapters for C1 cameras T-thread, M48נ0.75, Canon EOS and Nikon bayonets
 C1 cameras can be newly equipped with adapters for Canon EOS and Nikon bayonet photographic lenses in addition to already announced adapters with M42נ0.75 (T-thread) and M48נ0.75 threads with 55mm Back Focal Distance. Similarly to threaded adapters, bayonet lens adapters are attached to combined M42נ0.75/CS-mount adapter on the C1 camera body. So, they are not compatible with C1 cameras with CS-mount adapter only.

While C1 cameras were always compatible with CS-mount standard (1" diameter thread with 32 TPI and 12.5mm BFD), with the introduction of 12MPx camera with 1.1" sensor (C1-12000), CS-mout lenses are no longer capable to cover such large sensor area without significant vignetting and image aberrations. Even the 2/3" 5MPx sensor in the C1-5000 camera could be too big for small CCTV lenses. Standard photographic lenses, designed for large sensors, must then be used.

C1 camera with Canon EOS (left) and Nikon (right) bayonet adapters

C1 cameras with universal M42נ0.75/CS-mount adapter has only 18.5mm back focal distance (BFD). To comply with requirements of various optical correctors (coma-correctors for Newtonian telescopes, field-flatteners for refractors etc.), extension tubes with 55mm BFD are available. Due to an existence of two standards, both T-thread (M42נ0.75) and M48נ0.75 thread adapters are available.


The extension tube outer diameter is exactly 2 inches (50.8 mm), so it allows using of the C1 camera with any 2" focuser instead of 2" eyepiece.

Canon EOS and Nikon bayonet lens adapters use the same M42נ0.75/CS-mount adapter on the C1 camera body as the threaded extension tubes, they are attached using M42 thread on the camera side.

C1 camera head with threaded extension tubes (left) and M42, M48, Nikon and Canon EOS adapters (right)

With these adapters, C1 cameras become compatible with wide range of CS-mount lenses as well as large photographic lenses...

C1 camera with CS-mount CCTV lens (left) and with large Canon EOS lens (right) well as with various telescope focusers, optical correctors for both reflecting and refracting telescopes etc.

C1 camera with 55mm BFD T-thread adapter (left), C1 camera as a guider on the EVOguide small refractor

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