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Gx cameras articles
Introducing new C0 and C1 v3 cameras
New C5S Cameras with Symmetrical Design
C3 series and C2-9000 cameras with GPS receiver module
New Off-Axis Guider Adapter for C5 Cameras
New version of the C1× camera with Trigger input and GPS module
New C2-9000 Camera with IMX533 CMOS sensor
C1+7000 and C2-7000 cooled CMOS cameras replace the G2-1600 CCD camera in research applications
New adapters for C1 cameras — T-thread, M48 × 0.75, Canon EOS and Nikon bayonets
New T-mount adapter for C1 cameras
Back Focal Distance of Gx Mark II cameras
G3 Mark II cameras
G4 Mark II cameras
G2 Mark II cameras
Gx Cameras Mark II
 Gx series of cooled astronomical cameras evolved through many revisions, each bringing improvements, new features or just more aesthetic design. We are proud these cameras are now used to capture state-of-the-art astrophotographs (just see our Gallery section) as well as to acquire professional-grade research data. Now we introduce redesigned cameras with important enhancements, so they deserve denotation Mark II.
Interfacing G3 and G4 cameras with 3" coma-correctors
Dovetail mount adapter for Gx cameras
Gx CCD cameras now available with a slight touch of color
8-positions XS external filter wheel for G2 cameras
Connect the Gx Camera through WiFi network
New “XS” External Filter Wheel with 7 Positions for G2 Cameras
New G4 camera adapter for ASA Wynne coma-corrector
New design of the Gx camera desiccant container
Meet the new G3-16200 camera (UPDATED)
Enhanced cooling models of G3 and G4 cameras
New M48 × 0.75 adapter for Gx cameras preserving 55 mm back focal distance
G2-0402, G2-1600, G2-3200, G2-8300, G2-2000 and G2-4000 CCD Cameras
Ramping production of the new revisions of cooled CCD cameras
Off-Axis Guider adapters for G3 and G4 CCD cameras
 Despite the fact that the G2 and G3 cameras share the same adapter mounting interface, Off-Axis guiders for G2 cameras with either M42 or M48 variant of mounting thread cannot be used with G3 cameras. The mirror reflecting light to guiding camera inside the G2 OAG is positioned too close to the optical axis that it partially shadows larger CCD detectors of G3 cameras. And G4 cameras use even greater detectors and their adapter mounting interface is also larger. Off-Axis guiders for G3 and G4 cameras have to be designed from the ground up to place the mirror feeding the guiding camera with light as close to the optical axis as possible on the one side, but not to cause vignetting (shield the main CCD detector) on the other side.
G1-0301: new autoguider with large detector, big pixels and high sensitivity
Gx CCD cameras reviewed

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