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Taurus Cloud
 The best Christmas gift for us is to hear from users satisfied with our cameras and to see their wonderful images acquired with them. Leonardo Orazi acquired the G4-16000 camera just prior Christmas and now we received very short e-mail from him, just two lines. The first line says “Incredible camera … great job” and the second line is the link to the first-light image taken with the camera.

This incredible image shows dark nebulae in the constellation Taurus. These nebulae are called “dark” for a reason — there are no nearby stars, which would illuminate the cloud and make them shining emission (red) or reflection (blue) nebulae. Therefore, such nebulae typically reveal themselves only as dark shadows on the brighter starry background. But sensitive camera, long exposure and especially photographer’s experience and processing skills show otherwise black patches on the sky as real interstellar clouds, lit only by the dim glow of remote stars within our Galaxy.

Image is acquired with G4-16000 Mark II camera on Takahashi FSQ-106EDXIII telescope through LRGB filters. Total exposure time is 13 hours. We strongly recommend to click the image and to see it in full resolution (or to visit author’s web site). Only then it is possible to fully appreciate it.

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