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NGC6188 nebula
 We already published an image of NGC6188 nebula complex on our title page, taken by a famous group of astro-photographers named CielAustral. But this was only a partial image of this large cloud of interstellar matter. Now the same group presents almost 48 megapixels image mosaic, covering much wider portion of the sky and allowing us to admire incredible details in the gaseous structures.

What’s more, the CielAustral group (J. C. Canonne, N. Outters, P. Bernhard, D. Chaplain, L. Bourgon), as usual, acquired both narrow-band images in Hα, OIII and SII spectral lines as well as natural-color images using red, green and blue color filters. Total exposure time of all frames needed to compose these marvelous images is 253 hours.

Having all these images, it was possible to compose narrow-band frames into false-color image, literally full of incredible details, as well as to combine red, green and blue frames into true-color image with noticeably less details, but showing us how this nebula could be hypothetically perceived by humans.

The image was captured with G4-16000 camera on the 0.5 m CDK 20" telescope.

To really appreciate these beautiful images in full resolution (original images measure 11655×4070 pixels), we recommend to visit the CielAustral web site.

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