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New C5S Cameras with Symmetrical Design
 The line of C5 cameras, employing the latest extra-large Sony IMX rolling shutter sensors with up to 150MPx resolution, was extended with a symmetrical C5S models, intended for the usage in the primary focus of reflecting telescopes. Virtually all characteristics of the C5S cameras correspond to the asymmetrical C5A models. The only differences are the camera head design with the sensor centered around the head axis and the lack of the mechanical shutter, which limitation is imposed by the symmetrical design.

The Sony IMX411 and IMX461 sensors with 150MPx and 100MPx resolution, used in both asymmetrical C5A and symmetrical C5S cameras, represent the state-of-the-art in visible-light detection technology. The 3.76μm pixels offer exceptional full-well capacity exceeding 50ke- (relative to the pixel area). The absolute quantum efficiency approaches 90% thanks to back-illuminated design. Very low dark current is ensured by the advanced power saving features. These sensors also offer full 16bit digitization, perfectly linear response to light and exceptionally low read noise. All these features make the C5 cameras the ultimate choice for both astronomical research as well as aesthetic astro-photography.

The main purpose of the symmetrical C5S variant design is not to exceed the central obstruction of reflecting telescopes with the camera located in the primary focus. The asymmetrical variant typically overhang the central obstruction of smaller telescopes (with ~0.4m primary mirror diameter), despite the central obstruction of wide-field telescope is rather big. Telescopes with greater primary mirror (~0.6m and more) typically have a central obstruction big enough to accommodate even the asymmetrical C5A cameras.

Both C5A and C5S camera lines are compatible with the XL-sized external filter wheel. However, if the filter wheel is used, the symmetrical design of the C5S is not beneficial at all. The front cross-section of the asymmetrical C5A with filter wheel is smaller than is the case of the symmetrical C5S and the filter wheel.

As is the case of the C5A cameras, also the C5S can be equipped with GPS receiver module, ensuring exposure timing with sub-microsecond precision. However, all symmetrical C5S cameras also offer a hardware trigger input, similar to C1 cameras. This input allows to starting of exposure by the external hardware, used for instance to synchronize exposures from multiple cameras etc.

For more details about the C5 camera line, visit the C5 camera product page.

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