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Introducing new C0 and C1 v3 cameras
 The C1 series of small CMOS cameras proved to be sensitive and reliable auto-guiders, which can also capture beautiful images of Sun, Moon and planets. And sometimes even images of deep-sky wonders. Now, in newly introduced version 3, the C1 cameras are even shorter and lighter. What's more, the new C0 cameras employ even smaller and lighter body than C1, but at the cost of lacking sensor air cooling.

The C0 cameras are the tiniest ones manufactured by Moravian cameras, but the new C1 camera version 3 have also shrunk.

Comparison of the new C0 and C1 v3 camera models

The C1 cameras underwent several innovation cycles through its lifetime. Versions 1 and 2 differ only internally and they are indistinguishable from the user point of view. The 3rd iteration of the C1 camera design allowed to make the camera head 7mm thinner and 45g lighter. Beside the smaller and lighter body, all other features (used sensors, USB and autoguider interfaces, download time, ) are the same.

Comparison of the new C1 v3 camera with previous v1 and v2 models

But larger body of the C1 models allowed adding of some features, not available on the C0 cameras, like cooling fan and mounting threaded holes.

Feature C0 C1 v3 C1 v1 and v2
Dimensions 50נ50נ40.4mm 57נ57נ46.4mm 57נ57נ53.4mm
Weight 115g 170g 215g
Cooling fan No Yes Yes
Tripod and metric threads No Yes Yes

Comparing the size of the new C0 camera (left), new C1 v3 (center), and older C1 v1 and v2 (right)

Comparing the size of the new C0 camera (left), new C1 v3 (center), and older C1 v1 and v2 (right)

More details are available on the C0 and C1 camera product page.

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