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Gx CCD cameras now available with a slight touch of color
 It is always encouraging when we realize that our users love their Gx cameras, that they are not only satisfied with their state-of-the-art performance and functionality, but they also appreciate the industrial design and manufacturing quality. Still, many users, in particular among the amateur astronomer's community, appreciate also the aesthetics of their equipment color anodized parts of mounts, telescopes or focusers are good examples. Despite the camera head dimensions and shape are constrained by its features, we always took care to achieve the clean and functional design. Now we decided to offer variants of our G2, G3, and G4 cameras with a slight color touch to allow users to unify the camera appearance with the rest of their setup.

Only the camera head center plate is colored to keep the overall appearance sober (astronomy is serious stuff, right? :). Currently, the red and light-blue variants are offered, but we can possibly add more colors in the future. Still the original all-black design remains the basic variant.

G2 camera with colored center plate variants

Center plate color variant has absolutely no influence on camera functionality and performance, the change is purely aesthetic. The color is visible only as a narrow strip around the camera outer line in the case of G2 cameras. However, the G3 and G4 cameras are manufactured with two handles on their back side as they are somewhat heavier and bulkier. The color center plate is then more visible when looking from the back side.

G3 camera with colored center plate variants

Because the color piece is the center plate, which in fact acts as a camera backbone and holds all parts together, it is not possible to exchange the colored part after the camera is manufactured (or at least it is not possible to perform the exchange cheap enough to make it economical camera has to be completely disassembled and assembled again, which is very costly operation). Anybody interested in color variant has to make his or her mind prior to purchase.

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